E. [email protected] Titwood Lawn Tennis Club, Glencairn Gardens, Glasgow G41 4LN
E. [email protected] Titwood Lawn Tennis Club, Glencairn Gardens, Glasgow G41 4LN

Annual Fees – Important Notice

Annual fees are due by the end of March 2023 and we look forward to your continuing support for Titwood.

For the season from 1 April 2023 annual membership fees are shown below. 

This year we are introducing the option of paying (a slightly higher total annual amount) by monthly direct debit with the relevant monthly amounts, where offered, shown below in brackets

The intention is for the monthly amounts to be deducted on the 15th of each month, commencing 15 April. If you wish to take up the direct debit option, please contact Martine Eckersall at the email address shown below no later than 15 March.

Membership Fees:

Senior membership – £250 (£23)

Country – £130 (£12); 

Family – £499 (£45)

Day membership -£130 (£12)

Mini (5-7 years) – £47  

Junior (8-15) – £120 (£11)

Intermediate (16-20 and full-time students) – £130 (£12) 

Non-playing categories – £20.

The one-off administration fee for new members is £50 and fees for guests (subject to the limitations set out in the Club’s Constitution) are £5 per guest per visit. 

If you wish you can pay your fee in full and Titwood bank account details have been emailed to members.

Club Membership Secretary is Martine Eckersall at: [email protected]

If you would email Martine once you have made your payment, that would be of great assistance to her.