E. info@titwoodlawntennisclub.co.uk Titwood Lawn Tennis Club, Glencairn Gardens, Glasgow G41 4LN
E. info@titwoodlawntennisclub.co.uk Titwood Lawn Tennis Club, Glencairn Gardens, Glasgow G41 4LN


Throughout the pandemic the Committee has sought to ensure that members could continue to enjoy tennis at Titwood.

As you know, we have had to introduce and tweak measures in response to ongoing Scottish Government Covid19 restrictions, particularly in relation to the online booking system.

As the courts are extremely busy – and because only singles play is permitted under the current pandemic restrictions – we feel it is necessary to introduce updated rules with immediate effect.

Members will only be allowed to play for one hour during peak times.

Peak times are:

Monday to Friday10 am to 12 am – and 6 pm to 9 pm

Saturday: 9 am to 6 pm

Outwith peak periods, if members wish to play for two hours, then a player must book a court for an hour with an opponent booking the second hour.

Changing courts is not permitted, either, as this is deemed a consecutive hour. If a court remains free after one hour’s play, then players can continue playing.

Scala League ties and inter-club matches are the only exceptions to the measures for the time being.  

If two hours are required for a Scala match, please ensure each player books an hour as per the current rules.  Bookings showing a member’s name for two consecutive hours will be cancelled. 

Please try to book Scala matches outwith peak periods.

For the time being, guests are not permitted as we need to ensure there is as much court time available to members as possible.  If anyone is looking for a playing partner during this time, please contact coach Stuart Clark (07939 311170

Can we also suggest: if you book a court but then find you cannot play, could you please cancel online so that your fellow members can book the court. That would be most helpful.

The Committee, which will continue to monitor the position, is looking to members for full understanding and co-operation in these continuing, difficult and unprecedented times. You can be assured that we are trying our very best to help members play tennis within the guidelines.

It may be possible to revise the arrangements at some future date but we are operating within Scottish Government guidelines for the benefit of each and every member.

Thank you,

The Committee